Inflation & Government on Keiser Report (Video)

Peter Schiff appeared on Russia Today’s Keiser Report this last weekend to talk about the bond bubble, hyperinflation, and the government’s manipulation of the central banks.

“Prices have to adjust, but the government won’t let it happen, and so they create inflation to fight off the deflationary forces that naturally develop in the economy. But the problem for people who are looking at deflation, they go back and look at periods of time when we had honest money, when we were on the gold standard. And they see what happened, and they don’t understand the difference between real money that you can’t create out of thin air and fiat currency that you can create at zero cost in infinite amounts…If you’re going to measure prices against the dollar, prices are going to rise – they could rise dramatically. But if you measure them in terms of gold, they’re going to fall.”

Peter’s appearance begins at 16:15:

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