The Gold Bull Is Far from Dead (Video)

In a new, exclusive video on the gold market, Peter Schiff responds to skeptics who claim gold’s bull run is over. Many believe the economy is improving and therefore that gold’s rise has ended. However, Peter explains why the longterm fundamentals for gold have never been better, and how investors still have time to take advantage of gold’s temporary decline.

“People who are saying there is no reason to buy gold now, never understood the reason people were buying it in the first place. People weren’t buying gold because they were worried about a crisis in the Eurozone or weak US stocks. People were buying gold because central banks were printing too much money. It’s inflation that drives the gold train, not political uncertainty.”

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35 Responses to The Gold Bull Is Far from Dead (Video)

  1. James A Carney Jr says:

    Fresh reasoning on the business and the market conditions very good

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  3. David Wade says:

    Hi Peter,
    Great Report. Just wondering what you thought about Mr. George Soros lightening up on his positions and rumors of large Hedge Fund sales ? In Soros case I assume hes just taking profits . Thank You

    • admin says:

      Glad you enjoyed the video, David. For further questions, please call into the Peter Schiff Radio Show, Monday – Friday, from 10 am to Noon EST. The call-in number is 855-4-SCHIFF. Thank you for your support!

    • Colin says:

      What about facts, not rumours of hedge fund buying?

      “While the mainstream media continues to spew out bearish news and headlines on precious metals and (especially) mining shares, SAC Capital Partners LP, a $20 billion dollar group of hedge funds founded by Stephen A. Cohen, quietly positioned itself in over $240 million dollars worth of gold, silver, and mining share investments during Q4 2012.

      Of great interest is the structure of those positions. They are indicating, that the firm is expecting a massive spike in both gold and silver, as well as a staggering move higher in the mining shares.

      Starting out, the firm increased it’s holdings in gold and silver mining shares from roughly $54.9 million, to $122.2 million, a total increase of over $65 million. Companies included many of the major producers such as AngloGold, Barrick, Goldcorp, and surprisingly, included junior producers, such as Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.


      and this is not the only one that is piling into gold.

  4. @TeringNering says:

    Hi Peter,
    I sure share your viewpoint.
    Only worry though, is the massive negative power of the oversold paper gold market, GLD. One hears a lot about short selling in GLD and SLV.
    Maybe you can address the reach of the influence of the GLD markets on the price of physical one time in one of your vids?
    Keep up the good work!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the suggestion and for watching my videos. Please consider asking your question on the air by calling into The Peter Schiff Show, Monday – Friday, from 10 am to Noon EST. The call-in number is 855-4-SCHIFF.

  5. Andrea says:

    I just wished i had more funds to acquire gold now!! Central banks are buying by the boatloads, this is an attempt to bring down gold , and shake out the stupid investors. and they are for buy their gold on the cheap. and dump dollars, for gold. Like i said I am following the money , ( i,m buying) and only wish i had more funds to do so.

  6. George Brabch says:

    The action is not in the gold market, but in the “paper” gold market, and wether it goes up or down is only of interest to short time traders. When the paper market (which is only trading fictitious gold that doesn’t exist!) finally collapses, what the price of an ounce of gold will be is anybody’s guess. Buy the physical metal, tuck it away in a safe place, and forget about it. If (when) it all hits the fan, you’ll be glad you did.

  7. Larry B says:

    Thanks Peter. Couldn’t agree more. Just suggest for those who dream to pray rightly and ask for dream guidance from the good Lord. I would be scared to death right now if it wasn’t for dreams. I’m a buyer; just not going all in, as the algos may want to share some cheaper prices. That’s okay with me!

  8. Bart Hildebrant says:

    I agree completely but your company won’t let me buy gold. Tried to get it thru the Perth Mint but was told I have to much of a percentage of my wealth in gold. Here I thought being my money it was my decision.

    • admin says:

      You were probably speaking to Euro Pacific Capital, which is Peter Schiff’s brokerage firm. That company is unaffiliated with Euro Pacific Precious Metals, though they are both owned by Peter Schiff. We at Euro Pacific Precious Metals are happy to sell you as large an allocation of gold as you choose. Please call, 1-888-GOLD-160 to speak to a precious metals specialist for more information.

  9. S Smith says:

    Peter, thanks for for all the videos you do. It’s a great
    service for all your listeners and followers.
    I would like to hear your comments on two conditions.

    1- The possibility of the metals market prices being
    manipulated by the Fed and other central banks, by
    using their easy printed currency to buy high and sell low.

    2- The fact that the Dow should be much higher when
    measured by the current exchange rate of the silver coins
    we last used in 1964 when the Dow was about 735.

  10. Robert Sinclair says:

    Hello Peter,
    As always you are right to the point, you clearly show concerns in behalf for the middle class, yet fools will follow their own folly, I am wondering has your firm ever throught of having a direct deposit program so people like myself can a mass a small futune and than have the purchase power for gold and silver, honestly to raise five thousand dollars can be hard to do, yet as the saying goes out of sight out of mine. Again thank you for your concern to see that the American people get through these tough days ahead. R.Sinclair

    • admin says:

      Yes, we are considering such a program, but it remains a logistical challenge for us. We try to keep our procedures very simple in order to keep costs low for you. We recommend putting a little savings aside each month and then placing a periodic order.

  11. Robert Peavy says:

    Remember the late 70s and early 80s Gold went to 800 then back down to the high 200s . Whats to keep it from doing the same thing once the population wakes up and throws out the Socialist just like they did with Carter ?

  12. Al says:

    Do you know what happened to the change in the bank bullion Tier to become Tier One January 1, 2013??
    Thank you.

  13. Charlie D. says:


    I can’t decide whether to invest in bullion or coins. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      That is something that changes with the needs of each individual investor. Feel free to call us at 1-888-GOLD-160 to speak to a precious metals specialist to find out more information about the best way for you to put savings into gold.

  14. Fred Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing your views Peter. Helps keep an even keel through this extremely unstable period.

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  17. Olivier says:

    Thank you Peter, I like you, you cheer me up. I think you are an honest man. This blog is a good idea.

  18. Patriot says:

    Would like to purchase pm’s from your company but your minimum order requirements are too high for me :( and saving fiat until I have the minimum doesn’t allow me to buy the dip and I will end up buying at a higher price per oz. I could continue but I think you know where this is going. Thanks for all your market insights.

    • admin says:

      At our low margins, the cost of providing a level of service that we find exceptional means that we do have to have minimum orders. You might try a local coin dealer for smaller amounts. Or, if you save over time, we certainly hope to earn your business.

  19. neville says:

    Hi Peter,
    Have followed your reviews and interviews for years , your consistency looks like it will be paying off handsomely for those faithful that have heard the message.There will always be the skeptics out there and the followers of main stream media propaganda that will ultimately lead them in a hand basket to hell.
    Now they don’t ring the bell when the market is either on the top or the bottom but having been through 3 major gold markets and having done my bit to put juniors on the map in 1987 and seeing them wallow untill 2000 from where they went back into the doldrums etc etc.We reached the point this week where the GOLD BULL had enough of the weak holders so they became the latest victims .This is rather sad in a way but that is the nature of the beast.
    We will see as you have said see the Nirvarna where gold will finally have its day in the sun.So with that I would highly reccommend new commers to the game to INVEST (I leave the speculating largely to the cheats in the broking and banking fraternity) 25% of their intended allocated funds NOW.After a 38% rise which will signal the change in direction wait for the correction and then INVEST the balance 75% into the gold market.
    Please get good advice if you are new or even old to the game.
    Just to let you know what I do is invert the Fibonacci grid to get that 38% and take it from there.
    Good luck to gold investors and keep the FAITH

  20. Peter says:

    FYI I have just made a Perth Mint purchase of Gold and Platinum coins on the pullback. The gold is ready for immediate delivery, the platinum will take 2 weeks.