Ron Paul on Gold’s Volatility and Enduring Value

Forbes just published an exclusive interview with Ron Paul, conducted by Kitco News. Paul spoke about how precious metals investors shouldn’t get caught up watching the short-term trends in gold. Instead, he keeps an eye on the failing purchasing power of the dollar.

“‘It is up and down, and it has been doing that a lot lately,’ Paul said. ‘If (investors) are in gold for a short time to make a quick killing that ought to make them very nervous,’ he said of gold’s recent correction in April…

Paul said that historically there have been high periods of volatility but it is important to look past these short-term corrections. Looking back, Paul reflected that in the 1970s gold went up to almost $200 an ounce then plummeted back down to close to $100 an ounce two years later.

‘Everybody thought the world had ended for gold,’ he said. Paul added these should have been seen as simply corrections in a roaring bull market.”

Read the Full Interview Here

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