QE Is a Euphemism for Inflation (Video)

Last night, Peter Schiff appeared on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report to debate the reality of US inflation.

“When the Fed monetized three trillion dollars worth of mortgages and Treasuries, by definition that is inflation. Quantitative easing is just a euphemism for inflation. We’re talking about the effect of inflation when we talk about rising prices. We already have rising real estate prices, we have rising stock prices. Inflation has caused that. But I believe consumer prices are also rising much faster than government admits.”

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One Response to QE Is a Euphemism for Inflation (Video)

  1. Dave La Comb says:

    Those guy’s are lying or they are moron’s or both !!
    If you shop at the grocery store you can see Peter is 100% correct !!
    Inflation is very real, many manufacture’s have reduced the package size to try and hide it.
    And that is even with QE at 85 billion a month.
    Peter is correct, if your smart you would start preparing now.
    No one knows when the dam will break, but it will break.