Jim Grant: No Fed Taper This Year (Video)

In an interview with Lauren Lyster on Yahoo! Finance, Jim Grant shares his thoughts on the current debt talks and the terrible effects the Federal Reserve has on the economy. Like Peter Schiff, Grant did not expect the Fed to taper this month, and he expects the stimulus to continue unabated into 2014. This is, of course, extremely bullish for gold and physical precious metals.

“The Fed, in good measure, is the source of risk. It suppresses money-market interest rates, it muscles around the yield curve, it talks up the stock market. It does everything except let the price mechanism do the work… They claim they are data driven, not telling us that these data are subject to immense revisions… No, I do not think the Fed will taper this year.”

Watch the Full Interview Here

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 2.42.01 PM

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