Rickards: Physical Gold VS Paper Money (Audio)

Tekoa de Silva of Bull Market Thinking spoke with Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about the Fed’s decision to continue QE without tapering. Rickards, like Peter Schiff, had no expectation of tapering. The most interesting part of the interview is Rickards’ discussion of his involvement in a financial war game conducted by the Pentagon in 2009, which examined the role gold would play in the case of an international currency war.

“[Countries] want physical custody of gold…[they’re] positioning for the day when there’s a massive loss of confidence in paper money… When the international monetary system collapses and it comes time to rewrite the rules of the game and create a new system…[it’s] going to be [all about] how much gold you have. So it’s not surprising that everyone is trying to get their hands on as much gold as possible.”

Listen to the Full Interview Here

Rickards 13 09

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