As Fed Only Talks Taper, China Prepares to Do It (Video)

In his new video blog post, Peter Schiff shares his opinion on the Federal Reserve’s latest press release. He points out that the media has completely misinterpreted the Fed’s message – the FOMC minutes contain no assurance that a December tapering of QE is likely. Peter goes on to talk in depth about how China’s potential exit strategy from its foreign currency reserves will affect the US dollar and the price of gold.

“The truth is, if China means what it says, the Fed is going to have to back up the truck. I mean, not just not taper, but they are going to have to significantly increase the amount of monthly QE that they do in order to pick up China’s slack. That’s what is going to happen in 2014.”

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One Response to As Fed Only Talks Taper, China Prepares to Do It (Video)

  1. John Stedman says:

    So the “China tapering” will not occur over night. What will the Chinese do in the short term with their USD until the trade imbalance balances or starts flowing the other way?