David Stockman: Fed Has Taken Itself Hostage (Video)

Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto spoke with Ronald Reagan’s former budget director, David Stockman, about the rising stock market and taper talk from the Federal Reserve. Stockman, like Peter Schiff, sees bubbles forming throughout the economy and blames the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve. Like Peter, Stockman warns of a massive crash that investors should be preparing for.

“I say it’s [2007], [2008] all over again. Party time. We have bubbles breaking out everywhere and almost a repeat patter… We’re in the fourth bubble created by the Fed with easy money and printing press expansion in this century… This is the biggest one yet.”

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One Response to David Stockman: Fed Has Taken Itself Hostage (Video)

  1. Lori Smithson says:

    I would much rather have listened to David Stockmans thoughtful commentary than Neil Cavuto’s constant interruption. Several conclusive points were missed because Cavuto couldn’t contain his question long enough to let Stockman finish. I would love to meet Cavuto face-to-face and explain why what he has to say (Neil who?) is not nearly as important as what David Stockman has to say. Of the two, Stockman has more credibility