3-D Printed Nanosilver & Other Silver Industry News

Enjoy the December 2013 edition of the Silver Institute’s Silver News. This issue includes articles on silver’s use in 3-D printing electrical componenets, testing for cystic fibrosis, and drone cloud seeding to control weather in California.

“Jennifer Lewis, a materials scientist, has developed inks that solidify and become batteries or printed circuit boards. The ultimate end product might be a tiny device, such as a hearing aid or under-the-skin biomedical sensor, that is produced along with its own battery instead of having it inserted later. This battery would not only be smaller than a conventional cell but rechargeable as well.

To make the dream a reality, Lewis has not only produced special inks – many with silver nanoparticles that allow electrical conductivity — but also unique nozzles and other extruders that are attached to 3-D printers. Once ejected by the printer, according to a piece of software’s design, the inks harden and become wires, batteries and other electronic components.”

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