Cheer Up, Goldbugs – You’re In Good Company!

Some goldbugs might be feeling glum this holiday season after a rough year for the yellow metal, but there are still plenty of contrarian voices advocating gold investment. Casey Research has published a valuable article highlighting the long-term gold bulls who haven’t lost faith. Besides renowned investors like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber, persistent goldbugs also share the company of global central banks and even major commercial banks that have been talking down gold while secretly buying.

“It’s been one of the worst years for gold in a generation. A flood of outflows from gold ETFs, endless tax increases on gold imports in India, and the mirage (albeit a convincing one in the eyes of many) of a supposedly improving economy in the US have all contributed to the constant hammering gold has taken in 2013.

Perhaps worse has been the onslaught of negative press our favorite metal has suffered. It’s felt overwhelming at times and has pushed even some die-hard goldbugs to question their beliefs… not a bad thing, by the way…

This is why it’s important to balance the one-sided message typically heard in the mainstream media with other views. As you break for this holiday season, we’d like to leave you with some of those contrarian voices, all of which have put their money where their mouth is…”

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