Taper Lite & Gold – An Opportunity to Buy (Video)

When does a taper really mean more stimulus? When zero percent interest rates are pretty much guaranteed for the foreseeable future. Peter Schiff explains why the “taper lite” is simply an admittance that the economy is addicted to artificial stimulus. Peter also shares his opinion on gold’s sell-off and why investors should be using the opportunity to buy before it’s too late.

“There’s plenty of legitimate support for gold all around the world. Yes, all the speculators who were convinced that everything is great (the same people who thought it was great in 1999)… are convinced that there’s no reason to own gold and so they’re going to sell it and they’re going to short it. But there’s a larger community around the world, particularly emerging markets, central banks – China in particular – that see it differently. And they’re using this opportunity to buy as much gold as they can…”

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