Buy Real Assets to Avoid the Inflationary Collapse (Audio)

Ernie Hancock interviewed Peter Schiff on Declare Your Independence. Peter explained how the coming dollar collapse will play out for middle-class Americans. Peter’s interview lasts about 25 minutes in the video below.

“With inflation, it’s the creditors that are wiped out. It’s the people who own the assets that win, because they pay off their debts with worthless money and so all the creditors have is money that has very little value and that they’ve lost. So what the government is doing through inflation – and that is its deliberate policy – is to transfer wealth from the people who have savings to the people who have debt. And unfortunately, most of the big debtors are the Wall Street billionaires…”

2014-01-28 Hour 1 Peter Schiff from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

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