Recovery? Not for the Majority of Americans…

It’s mainstream now. The US economic recovery is a sham, especially when it comes to the plight of the middle class. A new piece at CNNMoney reviews the major economic metrics that are not nearly as positive as they would be if we were experiencing a real recovery. These include the weak job market, underperforming manufacturing sector, weak global trade, and much more.

“Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama is still falling short of his number one goal: to fix the economy for the middle class.

Sure, a recovery has been underway for most of his presidency, but it’s still slow and uneven. And despite Obama’s focus on the middle class, the improvement so far has largely benefited corporations and the ultra-rich.

Whether you blame Obama or a dysfunctional Congress, either way the recovery is hardly a middle-class success story.”

Read the Full Piece Here


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