Gold for the Long Run

In a new commentary on MarketWatch, Cody Willard explains his reasoning for holding physical gold and silver for the long-term. In spite of short-term bearish sentiment, Willard has to admit that precious metals are an important part of his portfolio for the next 10 to 50 years!

“That doesn’t mean that I’m selling any of my own holdings of physical gold and silver coins and bullion. Far from it. I’d welcome yet another opportunity to scale into more physical gold if there were to be another near-term crash in its prices. I plan to own my own physical gold basically for the next 10 to 50 years. Let’s discuss…

We know that the developed world’s governments here and around the world are actively engaging in broad-reaching currency wars, mostly trying to keep their currencies weak in the name of spurring export growth and helping transnational conglomerates maximize their reported earnings. We know that the Fed is in way uncharted (and frankly, un-”chartered“) territory using all kinds of tools like 0% interest rates and QE and so on to artificially repress interest rates and force people to take on excess risk in search of yield.”

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