Gold Scams Revisited

Peter Schiff's Gold Letter

The March 2014 Gold Letter is now available. In his commentary, Peter Schiff announces the release of his newly updated Classic Gold Scams special report and reexamines some common gold scams that investors would be wise to avoid. An essay by Alasdair Macleod reviews the major gold stories of 2013 that laid the foundation for a strong 2014 for the yellow metal. Plus, Lampoon the System imagines central bankers participating in the Olympics, our FAQ looks at gold bars versus coins, and we finish up with important gold news from February.

“Before Bear Stearns and Lehman collapsed, the market for physical gold was limited to a relatively small group of investors who understood the havoc inflation was wreaking on our savings and the US markets. As the financial crisis took hold, a flood of new and inexperienced buyers entered the market, creating an opportunity for unscrupulous metals dealers to swindle their way to massive profits. This is what drove me to launch my very own gold dealer, Euro Pacific Precious Metals, to provide a safe alternative for those who were taking my advice to diversify into sound money. In our first year of business, I released Classic Gold Scams and How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off, a free report that has saved countless investors from losing their shirts.

Fast forward several years and the markets look like a film on repeat. We are once again building toward a massive financial crisis – one that will make 2008 seem like the good old days. Unfortunately, the majority of investors are once again playing the US markets and shunning gold. I encourage my readers to consider diversifying into precious metals now, while the market is still distracted. To this end, and in preparation for the inevitable mad rush when conventional investors again flock to safety, I have updated and re-released my Classic Gold Scams report to help newcomers learn how to buy gold and silver the right way.”

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