Peter Schiff’s 2014 Gold Outlook

MarketWatch interviewed Peter Schiff to get the bull case for gold in 2014. In spite of ongoing negative sentiment for the yellow metal, Peter thinks gold will keep rising this year. The only thing that could change his mind would be the Federal Reserve actually ending quantitative easing. He doesn’t expect that to happen, because the US economic recovery is a sham.

“Q: Before this year began, what were your expectations for gold prices and how does that compare with the metal’s performance year to date?

Schiff: I thought that the selloff in 2013 was completely out of touch with reality, so I expected the price to rise this year. In this, I was virtually alone in the financial community. Just about every major investment house had predicted even more losses for gold in 2014. So far this year, gold is the best-performing asset class, but I think the pullback we have seen over the last few weeks is just another indication of how much negative sentiment remains. Ultimately however, the fundamentals will prevail. The Fed will keep printing [dollars] and gold will keep rising.”

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