Brace for Impact (Audio)

Peter Schiff spoke with the SGT Report this week, discussing the inevitable decline of the US dollar due to the Federal Reserve’s unrepentant inflationary policies. Peter says that the Fed has locked itself into a box, and no matter how it chooses to escape, it’s already killed the dollar. They also discussed the end of the London Silver Fix and the logic behind keeping your savings in commodities like physical gold and silver.

“[If central bankers are now striving to create inflation] why would anyone want to hold on to dollars, or euros, or yen? The bankers are telling you that it’s a no-win proposition for you, that if you hold this currency… it will be worth less than the year before… [That’s what they’re admitting their goal is] – We do not want our money to hold its value. We want to make sure that money loses value, because we believe that the only way you can have economic growth is if you destroy the value of your money.”

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