Don’t Believe the News, China Still LOVES Gold

If you’ve been following the mainstream media, you might be under the false impression that the largest consumer of gold in the world – China – is no longer so enamored with the yellow metal. The financial media could not be more wrong, and it should come as no surprise to our readers that they are cherry-picking their facts. To clear up just how strong Chinese gold demand really is, Jeff Clark of Casey Research has published this in-depth analysis of the Chinese gold hoard. He clears up all sorts of common misconceptions that have been in the news lately.

“Gold Demand in China Is Falling. This headline comes from mainstream claims that China is buying less gold this year than last. The International Business Times cites a 30% drop in demand during the ‘Golden Week’ holiday period in May. Many articles point to lower net imports through Hong Kong in the second quarter of the year. “The buying frenzy, triggered by a price slump last April, has not been repeated this year,” reports Kitco.

However, these articles overlook the fact that the Chinese government now accepts gold imports directly into Beijing.

In other words, some of the gold that normally went through Hong Kong is instead shipped to the capital. Bypassing the normal trade routes means these shipments are essentially done in secret. This makes the Western headline misleading at best, and at worst could lead investors to make incorrect decisions about gold’s future.”

Read the Full Piece Here

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