US Could Be in a Recession by End of Year (Video)

Peter Schiff appeared on Yahoo! Finance yesterday to explain why he thinks the US economy is going to get worse in the second half of 2014, in spite of better Q2 GDP numbers. If economic data were reported more accurately, Peter believes we would discover that the US has been in a recession for the entirety of the Obama presidency. As it is, he thinks there is a good chance we’ll enter an official recession before the end of the year.

“Look at the housing data. It’s been terrible. Look at all the corporate earnings that have been coming out, particularly companies that service the middle-class and the lower-class. Earnings are disappointing. I think it’s clear that the economy is rolling over. People are buried under a mountain of debt. Prices are rising for utilities, for food. People are losing their full-time jobs [and] replacing them with low-paying part-time jobs.”

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