Central Banks Will Drive Gold to New Highs (Video)

Peter Schiff was interviewed by Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio. They discussed the fact that gold is up 8% on the year and has done better than the stock market, and yet the so-called experts continue to say that it has had a “tough year.” Peter explained that the conditions needed for gold to break former highs over the coming years are exactly the artificially low interest rates and inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve and other worldwide central banks. Peter also spoke about how Janet Yellen is betting her positive economic forecast on the wealth effect associated with a rising real estate market, but he believes that the housing rally is over.

“Everybody was expecting the stock market to be up this year. In fact, it’s up less than all the experts thought it would be, whereas those same experts expected gold to be way down on the year. Instead, it’s doing better than the stock market. And they don’t even acknowledge how wrong they were. They still pretend that they were right.”

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