Prominent Voices Warning of Stock Market Bubble

Stocks continue to soar to record highs and the media breathlessly touts the economic recovery. But the Fed-fueled bull market for stocks can’t last forever. In an article from CNN Money, some renowned experts are issuing ominous warnings:

  • Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller says the stock market is looking very expensive. By his metric, stocks have only been at their current level three other times: 1929, 1999, and 2007.
  • Hedge fund king Carl Ichan says, “We are in an asset bubble.” He describes a “dangerous financial situation” dependent on the Federal Reserve continuously refilling the punchbowl to stimulate the economy.
  • Ex-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin says that extremely low interest rates have caused major instability and could lead to another financial crisis. When the bubble pops and hedge funds all head for the doors at the same time there is a risk of a “contagion and snowballing effect.”

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