American Workers: The Economy Is Terrible

The John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University released its latest Work Trends report. The national survey found that Americans are extremely pessimistic about the state of the US economy in spite of the financial media’s claims that a strong economic recovery is underway. The report is titled “Unhappy, Worried and Pessimistic: Americans in the Aftermath of the Great Recession”. Some of its major findings include:

  • One-quarter of the public says they’ve experience a major decline in quality of life.
  • Only one-sixth of Americans believe the next generation will have better opportunities than the current generation.
  • Most Americans don’t think the economy improved last year or will in the next.
  • Four in five Americans don’t have any faith that the government will be able to improve conditions in the next year.

The report paints a bleak picture of the American workforce and economy coming from the direct experience of American laborers. Cliff Zukin, co-director of the surveys, said:

“Looking at the aftermath of the recession, it is clear that the American landscape has been significantly rearranged. With the passage of time, the public has become convinced that they are at a new normal of a lower, poorer quality of life. The human cost is truly staggering.”

Read the Full Report Here

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