Currency War Games

In the 80’s, America confronted two great risks – an evil empire and an out-of-control US dollar. Unfortunately, though we beat the communists, we seem to be losing the battle for sound money.

For its latest comic, Lampoon the System reprises War Games, the classic 1983 blockbuster starring Matthew Broderick. The esteemed Jim Rickards plays the role of “Joshua”, the supercomputer in the movie. Peter Schiff interviewed Rickards in August, and they talked extensively about the repercussions of an international “currency war.” If you missed it, check it out here.

14 09 CurrencyWarGames

Jon Pawelko publishes the web comic Lampoon The System to poke fun at insane economic policies and educate the public on sound economics.
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  1. Thomas Clay says:

    Whatis going on with the gold & silver market?