Gold Videocast: Peter Schiff Answers Your FAQs (Video)

Peter answers some of the more challenging questions he has received from you, his loyal clients and subscribers. Learn what he really thinks about gold manipulation, why Wall Street hates gold, who should buy silver instead of gold, and more!

0:05 – Question: “According to the financial media, the world has ‘fallen out of love with gold.’ Is this really true?”

0:40 – The world cannot fall out of love with something it never loved in the first place – but it will fall out of love with fiat currencies.

2:03 – The time to buy gold is when everyone hates it. That’s why it’s so cheap.

2:30 – Question: “In your last Gold Videocast, Jim Rickards said that gold price manipulation is true. Why do you keep ignoring this issue”?

2:40 – Even if gold is being manipulated, I still want to own it.

3:10 – If manipulation is true, it allows my clients to buy more at artificially low prices.

3:38 – Manipulation cannot go on forever. Before long, free-market forces overwhelm artificial price controls.

4:17 – Question: “You keep warning about hyperinflation and a collapse of the US dollar, but it hasn’t happened! Has our modern banking system solved this problem?”

4:43 – You have to warn about things in advance to give people time to prepare, which is exactly what I did with the housing bubble.

6:03 – A recent article mentioned widespread Shrinkflation. If a company charges the same price for less of a product, that’s still inflation!

6:55 – Inflation will become hyperinflation if the government doesn’t take drastic measures.

7:15 – Question: “You always recommend gold as the best way to protect one’s wealth, but I can’t afford it. Is silver a good alternative?”

7:28 – Silver coins are better for small barter transactions.

7:57 – There is more potential for upside in silver. So if you can only afford a little right now, why not get started with the metal that may give you more bang for your buck?

8:10 – Eventually, you should hold both metals, but for some people it makes sense to get started with silver.

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9 Responses to Gold Videocast: Peter Schiff Answers Your FAQs (Video)

  1. ken says:

    I like gold but it does not seem to be doing well. Harry Dent says gold is on a losing path. My latest investments are not doing well. You and Larry Edelson keep saying buy…buy…buy. Reality says sell. Why are both you and Larry so far from the reality of when to but? .

    • admin says:

      Hello, Ken. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Harry Dent is a deflationist and uses demographics instead of economics to make his forecasts. Dent’s ETF went out of business because he chronically underperformed the market. Many of Peter’s funds are in the top of their class. It’s up to you to decide who is correct, but try to understand the reasons for the forecasts rather than trading the market short-term.

  2. Asghar Shah says:

    Peter what are your views on Ron Gantz /Pantera capital article on comparison between gold & Bitcoin, I think it is flawed But iam a gold and Bitcoin enthusiast. Not a research analyst !
    Twt : @Aviator2013

  3. Gonzalo moreno says:

    I have two question: a) are you agree with analysis of Jim Rogers, who is looking for a point of entry near to US 1000, and do you think that a war or inflation can happen before of 2017?

  4. Anderson says:

    “if it [gold] is being manipulated”…

    Peter either continues to feign disbelief or is actually delusional.

    Come on Peter – get real.

    Of course gold is manipulated.

    A real treat Peter, would be to see you and Andy Hoffman or Bill Holter or John Embry or one of many others who know what they’re talking about have a discussion/debate on this topic.

  5. Duke DeArment says:

    Hi Peter, I am a US citizen living in St Vincent, where you have a bank. My problem is that I can’t buy gold in this country. They have none on the economy. Your bank here does not have gold and if it did, you are not allowed (officially) to sell it to me. How can I buy physical gold?

  6. Bob says:

    By promoting precious metals, you are going against the central banks and the Federal Reserve in particular. The Federal Reserve can remain solvent long after those that take the opposing position. For instance the Federal Reserve in recent times sold 100 tonnes of gold in the futures market in another one of its many unauthorized activities. Federal Reserve hates precious metals because any sharp increase in prices for them indicates a failure of its insane monetary policies.

  7. Will be the gold always the best investment method?