The Amazing World of Silver Technology

The Silver Institute’s August edition of Silver News is now available. This issue explains the fundamentals behind the surging growth in demand for industrial silver, which is expected to exceed global GDP growth through 2016. The constantly evolving industry for silver technology is largely to thank for this increasing demand. August’s Silver News highlights some of the fascinating new applications of silver, including:

  • Two forms of 3D printing with silver
  • Using heated nanosilver to treat cancer
  • Screen-printed silver circuits that cure in UV light
  • Antibacterial silver on home hardware products

You’ll also find an explanation of how silver is used as an essential chemical catalyst in the production of ethylene oxide (EO), which in turn is needed to create ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is one of the most important substances in our modern world.

“Ethylene glycol, in turn, is used to produce many products including polyester fibers for clothes and carpets, plastics, solvents and other chemicals, and even antifreeze formulations. By itself, EO is used to sterilize many health-care products and medical instruments, including delicate electronic or optical tools, which would be harmed by the high heat or radiation sterilization processes. EO is also used to accelerate the aging of tobacco leaves, as a fungicide, and even as a preservative for spices.”

Read Silver News Here

14 09 05 tanaka silver circuit

Image: Tanaka’s printed silver circuit board.

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