The Fed Is Destroying the Economy and Nobody Cares (Video)

Peter Schiff was interviewed by Paul Vigna on Wall Street Journal Video yesterday. Peter explained to Vigna the terrible effects that the Federal Reserve’s zero interest-rate policy is having on the United States economy. They spoke about how tepid the American job market is right now, and why Peter thinks a new round of quantitative easing is right around the corner. If you’d like to read Peter’s latest written commentary about why central banks are wrong to think that inflation is the cure for our economic woes, you can find it here.

“The next thing the Fed is going to do is launch an even bigger round of QE than the one they’re tapering off from. Because the US economy is not recovering. We are slipping back into recession. If the Fed doesn’t know that yet, it will by the end of the year… Tightening is all talk… [The Fed will eventually start] a new round of QE that will make the Europeans and Japanese blush.”

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